Saturday, 20 October 2012

Durga Puja Of Bongaon, 2012

Durga Puja Of Bongaon, 2012
Oikko Sangho
Bongaon Durga Puja
Durga Puja Of Bongaon is famous all over India. Many people all over India come to Bongaon to see the durga puja. The people of bongaon waits for durga puja for these four days. At that time, they buy new dresses for their own and theirs kith and kin. The people of all cast and colours, they come out from house and wonder puja pandel to puja pandel. There is some pandel which is the most popular pandel of bongaon.
1. Saktigarh Milon Sangho
2. Anondmoyi Matri Mondir
3. Protapgarh Sporting Club
4. Ratepara Sporting Club
5. Jagroto Sangho
6. Oikko Sommeloni
7. Agiya Chalo
8. Kvthibari
9. Ganbikashinh
10. Kathaltala Sporting Club
11. Bosak Para
12. Mustafi Para
13. Charoktala Sporting Club
14. Amlapara Sporting Club
15. Bongaon Sporting Club
16. Peyadapara Sporting Club
17. Ujjal Sangho
18. Talatala Sporting Club
19. Ovijan Sangho
20. Gandhipolli Sporting Club
21. Egarorpolli Sporting Club
22. Barorpolli Sporting Club
23. Nobel Sporting Club
24. Korarbagan Sporting Club
25. Subharpolli Sporting Club
26. Bokshipolli Sporting Club

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